Monday, February 8, 2010

The Sci-Fi Blowout

It was a lot of fun watching everyone dance around in their cyber armor. Naturally we had a Star Trek contingent and a Star Wars group (complete with Boba Fett!). The warp core never completely lost containment, and if you were fortunate enough to look up from the dance floor, this is what you would have seen...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Photography Contest Results

Though I had hoped for a larger number of entries, we had enough to put up a lovely little gallery for two weeks to let everyone view and vote on their favorite snapshot. In the end, our very own Nyuu Littlething won the voting and becomes the first winner of our (hopefully) annual photo contest.

Results in order from 1st to 4th (including the fabulous cash prizes) are:
1) Nyuu Littlething, $L1900
2) Mars Benelli, $L950
3) Trinity Pookes & Windglaive Langer, L$520
4) Kimiko Murasaki, $L280

And here is Nyuu's winning snapshot


My thanks to everyone who took the time to enter the contest, and we'll be having more (and different ones) in the future.